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Manufacturing IT Services

Continuous Improvement in ManufacturingManufacturing IT Services Integration

The industry globalization that has taken place over the past decades has forced manufacturers and utility providers to strive for continuous improvement. Operational excellence has become the key theme for the manufacturing industry. For most best-in-class” manufacturers, this means a continuous focus on cost reduction and improvement of product quality and throughput time.

Most manufacturers have applied methods such as lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. Manufacturing IT solutions can support such continuous improvement programs or provide a complementary way of improving performance by increasing visibility of plant performance. These manufacturing IT systems are often complex and require a convergence of skills and knowledge that often don’t exist within the manufacturer’s internal teams. Grantek’s manufacturing IT services provides leadership, consulting, and implementation for the myriad of technologies and standards.

Complete Manufacturing IT Solutions Portfolio and Proven Expertise with Grantek

At Grantek, we understand that any manufacturing solution delivered must exceed the requirements of its inception and must fully embrace and empower all of the solution’s stakeholders. Above all it must provide a solid ROI. This is why Grantek provides the Discover, Embrace, Design and Deliver process as a roadmap to success for our customers.

Grantek has built up an extensive and successful manufacturing IT services track record over a period of three decades. Our manufacturing it solutions consultants not only have significant domain knowledge in the manufacturing industry (continuous, batch or discrete), they are subject matter experts in the following fields:

This also positions Grantek as one of the most experienced vertical integration solution providers; from business systems right down to the shop floor in the market places. By combining manufacturing domain knowledge with the latest technologies, we offer a complete portfolio covering the manufacturing IT services landscape.

Business-driven Manufacturing Solutions Approach

Grantek’s approach is based on the belief that manufacturing IT solutions are only an enabler, and not a goal in itself. An MES/MOM solution should contribute to a manufacturer’s main business goals, which most of the time are about achieving operational excellence. This approach enables our specialized manufacturing IT consultants to have a deep and wide domain knowledge and experience in manufacturing IT specifically, rather than just IT. We see manufacturing information technology as one of the four domains that play a part in the realization of a manufacturing business strategy. The other critical areas are business processes, organizational infrastructure, and a skilled workforce.

A Contributing Member to the Manufacturing IT Services Industry Landscape

Grantek is constantly innovating and evolving to bring the advantages of the most current standards and technologies to its forward-facing customers. We’re active members of this community and provide thought leadership through participating in bodies such as MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association).

We are currently providing leadership and guidance to our customers looking to embrace manufacturing IT in the “cloud”.

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Who is achieving operational excellence with Grantek?

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